New Remote Meter Reading Device

We’ve launched our new pTwo, a first use or retrofittable remote meter reading device.

The pTwo has been designed to solve the issue of meter reading data where there is no existing cabling or metering infrastructure.

The unit can be installed onto Mbus or pulse output meters. Simply connect the Mbus or pulse terminals, fix the pTwo to a surface, plug the battery in and walk away. The unit will automatically connect to the meter and upload the Mbus readings to Energy Billing’s site. This can then be used to calculate a bill.

Alternatively, there is a mains powered option as well.

Bill Bates, Director at Energy Billing, says, “We have been approached on numerous occasions where the reading of the meters has not been fully considered and the option to run structured cabling is either too expensive or physically impossible. Therefore we designed the pTwo to give our customers a viable way of still achieving readings.”

The pTwo can read the Mbus or Pulse output from standard Energy Meters (Heat, Electric or Gas), or it can be a simple pulse count, a full “raw” Mbus readout or a parsed (human readable) Mbus output.

“There are multiple options with the device,” Bill continues. “We pride ourselves on finding solutions to real problems that our customers face, and we hope that this will help some of our customers fulfil all of their requirements.”