Our Open API Guarantee for Pre-payment and Billing Platforms

For anyone requesting an Open API service, Energy Billing is dedicated to being open about costs from the outset.

Open API systems are growing in popularity. The benefit is that organisations are not tied in to just one billing provider. Although there may be no choice on who provides the communications infrastructure, you are now able to choose who you’d like the billing services from, in a process similar to choosing your broadband provider.

Bill Bates, Director at Energy Billing, says, “Although it’s great that people are being given a choice, there are still far too many grey areas. Many billing companies are not being clear enough up front about what costs are involved in using their services, but we guarantee to all our clients that we’ll be totally open with them. It’s about being fair and clear and open about the costs from day one.”

To find out more about Open API from Energy Billing, please contact us. We’re ready to discuss your requirements.

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