Open API

Why would you need an open API?

Having an open API means you’re not tied in to just one billing provider.

How does it work?

As an example of how they work, open APIs can be compared to your broadband. Whether it’s the supply to your home or office, typically the physical “copper wire” to the property is provided by BT. However, the broadband that comes over that wire can be provided by BT, but also Virgin, Sky or whomever you choose.

What we do

To use the analogy above, Energy Billing is like BT – we provide the communications structure (copper wire). We can also provide the billing, but you are free to choose another provider should you wish to.

Our Guarantee

Energy Billing will enter into contracts on day one that will detail the costs for both providing the infrastructure and the service. You will know where you stand and you will be in control.

Energy Billing can provide the whole package, or if you wish just part. Please give us a call and let’s discuss your requirements.