Requirement Spec

The pTwo has been designed to solve the issues of meter reading data where there is no existing cabling or metering infrastructure. We have been approached on numerous occasions where the reading of the meters has not been fully considered and the option to run structured cabling is either too expensive or physically impossible. The pTwo is the answer.


Simple Battery Installation
The unit can be installed onto Mbus or pulse output meters (Mbus cards can often be retrofitted to meters). Simply connect the Mbus terminals or pulse terminals, fix the pTwo to a surface, plug the battery in and walk away. The unit will automatically connect to the meter and upload the Mbus readings to our site (subject to GSM availability).

On first connect we can configure the unit to 1 reading per day (10 years) or 1 reading every 15 mins (10 days).

Simple Mains Installation
If you are fortunate enough to have a handy mains supply, then we have a mains powered option. This requires connection to a 3 amp fused spur supply, other than that it’s the same process as the battery installation. Using mains power, it will continue as long as there is power to the supply.

Meter Data

In its simplest form, a kWh reading can be made once per day which can be used to calculate a bill. We read the full Mbus data so have all the useful diagnostic data as well as the standard kWh reads. We are able to track usage and efficiency. Equally we are able to put this data onto a dashboard and combine it with other data and sensors if required. This would allow alerts and diagnostics on sites.Sontex789 with Battery no logo

The pTwo can read the Mbus or pulse output from standard energy meters (heat, electric or gas). The output can be simple pulse count, a full “raw” Mbus readout or a parsed (human readable) Mbus output. The data will be available by subscription to a cloud-based data server or “pushed” to the client via a CSV file attached to an email. We may also consider other options such as bespoke or on-site hosted solutions.

Our team of experts are ready to discuss your requirements and help you find the right solution. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, whatever your enquiry.

Download the pTwo Guide