Energy Billing’s vOne device is simple to install and operate and provides a cost-effective and comprehensive solution for scheme owners and operators.

A backlit display shows the credit position, in pounds and pence, allowing users to easily monitor their account status.

Some of the key features and benefits of the vOne device include:

  • Back-lit, multi-function display
  • Low operating costs
  • No prepayment cards
  • Multiple customer top-up facilities
  • Use of the Pay Point network with over 27,000 outlets
  • 24/7 automated telephone payment and service facility
  • The vOne is compliant with the ENE3 Code for Sustainable Homes

Energy Billing’s vOne device


The vOne specification has been designed and developed by people who understand the requirements of prepay devices. Features such as dedicated ‘Hot-keys’ that allow users’ direct access to the most frequently used commands – the adding credit screen and emergency credit (if available) – are typical of the comprehensive design of the vOne.

The vOne offers a two part tariff which includes for a daily standing charge as well as a unit rate. With operator definable ‘Emergency Credit’ and/or the use of ‘social cut-off’ abatement (operator definable hours when users will not be ‘switched-off’ if their credit runs out) which includes Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years’ Day, allows scheme owners and managers flexibility in the services they wish to provide to their customers. With a visual low credit warning, our devices remind the user that they should promptly add additional credit to avoid cessation of supplies.

All customer interactions are through a ‘hard’ or real keypad with built in ‘hot keys’ allowing users direct access to the functionality they need. Additional information such as meter reading, current tariff and operational setting can be viewed on the multi-function display.

Purchased credits are added using a security encrypted PIN. Encryption and built-in security (tamper detection) help reduce fraud and improve scheme financial performance. The units connect to either the MBus or pulsed output from a heat (energy) meter which will deduct a prescribed amount of credit from the users ‘account balance’.

Using the GSM mobile network, direct communication to each unit allows for purchased credits to be added directly to the users unit. Meter reading and system operational data can be read back to monitor the performance and integrity of the prepay energy devices.

vOne spec sheet button

Various payment options are available:


  • Over the internet using our dedicated portal www.energybilling.co.uk
  • Via PayPoint at over 27,000 outlets across the UK
  • Over the telephone with our 24 hours 7 days a week automated payment line.
  • Standing Orders arrangements with a customer’s bank

In the unlikely event that the wireless automatic meter reading systems are unavailable, a backup key code system is also used directly on the device.

The Energy Billing App


Both the vOne and the vThree have the added option of App control through the resident’s own mobile phone. Our cutting-edge App has been designed for ease of use and our stylish interface features colourful graphics and intuitive functionality enabling users to enjoy a flawless customer experience.


We can carry out heat meter installations and energy meter installations into all types of properties. All our metering and data collection systems can be installed into any community or district heating system and are easily incorporated into any energy systems design. Simple installation requirements mean our prepay devices can be easily retro-fitted into existing energy systems to monitor energy usage and help clients manage their energy consumption.

Get in touch to find out more – our team of experts are ready to discuss your requirements and help find the right solution.