Energy Billing

Energy Billing provides a range of pre-payment and energy metering products and services that are cost-effective and convenient for everyone involved. We’ve taken our years of knowledge and experience and we’ve applied it to the products that we design ourselves.


Our Devices


We can work with you at any point in your project, however the earlier you contact us, the better we can help you. We have been involved with District Heating schemes for many years and we’ve helped to create dozens of reliable systems that have efficiently heated homes with little or no issues, providing revenue protection and cashflow management.

All we care about is ensuring housing providers get a system installed that they don’t have to worry about and the end user gets a device in their home that never fails. That’s what we do all the time, and that’s what we pride ourselves on doing well.

Whatever stage of your project you’re at, please get in touch with us to see how we can help you.

We believe that heating a home should be effortless for everyone involved. Whether that’s utilising the pre-pay function or opting for the billing mode, everything should just work seamlessly.

Our wirelessly operated devices that monitor residential metering systems have been designed with this in mind. They can be installed during a new build or retro-fitted into existing energy schemes with great ease, and they work effectively in the long term with no need for further interference.

The vOne is designed to work with one utility and comes with a specification beyond its price. The vThree is designed to work with up to three utilities and is a multi-functional device with a colour touch screen.