Energy Billing’s vThree is a multi-function smart device. Featuring a touch sensitive, back-lit display, the vThree provides users with real time information on energy consumption, energy cost and related CO2. The vThree is also a wireless automatic meter reading device (Wireless AMR) which will transmit meter reading information to the energy provider, eliminating the need for meter readings. The vThree is also compliant with the ENE3 Code for Sustainable Homes

The vThree reads the users energy meters via the Meter-Bus (M-Bus) registry system. This information is then reported back to our systems providing a wireless automatic meter reading (wireless AMR) and energy monitoring facility. If metering equipment has been installed which is not M-Bus supported, the unit also has the facility to also accept pulsed inputs.

As a prepayment unit, the vThree provides for an emergency credit function on each of the monitored utilities independently. All tariffs, emergency credit levels etc. can be remotely set or adjusted allowing scheme wide or individual operating decisions to be made accurately and timely. The addition of credit and other operational functions (for example, following a change of tenancy, resetting the unit or a change in the mode of operation) are also performed remotely. This ability reduces the number of site visits and therefore saves time and operational expense.

The energy monitoring functionality of the automatic meter reading system allows users to easily observe their own energy consumption, to see how much their usage is costing and thus encourages more efficient operation and control and thus helps reduce fuel poverty.

The vThree provides three areas of functionality:

  • Prepayment Unit functionality
  • Wireless AMR (automatic meter reading) and data management
  • Smart metering/energy monitoring information

The required service support package provides for the operation and control of the system and for on-going data collection and validation, invoice generation, database management, reporting and payment processing.

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Various payment options are available:


  • Over the internet using our dedicated portal www.energybilling.co.uk
  • Via PayPoint at over 27,000 outlets across the UK
  • Over the telephone with our 24 hours 7 days a week automated payment line.
  • Standing Orders arrangements with a customer’s bank

In the unlikely event that the wireless automatic meter reading systems are unavailable, a backup key code system is also used directly on the unit.

The Energy Billing App

smartbill-and-appBoth the vOne and the vThree have the added option of App control through the resident’s own mobile phone. Our cutting-edge App has been designed for ease of use and our stylish interface features colourful graphics and intuitive functionality enabling users to enjoy a flawless customer experience.


We can carry out heat meter installations and energy meter installations into all types of properties. All our metering and data collection systems can be installed into any community or district heating system and are easily incorporated into any energy systems design. Simple installation requirements means our devices can be easily retro-fitted into existing energy systems to monitor energy usage and cost and to help clients manage their energy consumption with ease.

Get in touch to find out more – our team of experts are ready to discuss your requirements and help find the right solution.